LEDs That Look Like LEGO? Yes, Please

LEGO bricks are not only versatile in the sense that you can build almost anything with them, there’s also the fact that so many things can be made to resemble them … and the final result is always sure to break the cool-o-meter (Hey there, Futurama fans). Take for instance the incredibly stylish “Top Four” series of LED lighting fixtures, fresh out of the Luxit catalogue.

These neat wall lights are only one of the ten varieties the series is composed of. There are also ceiling lights, floor lamps, bedside lamps, clamp-on desk lamps – pretty much every option available to fill your heart’s desire. They all share the same scheme of bright, saturated primary colors, plus black and white.

Moreover, all of them consist of articulated, moveable parts that allow consumers to create different lighting set-ups according to their needs. This is especially significant because just like LEGO bricks (though not to the same extent) these lights and lamps stand out due to their modular quality.

The series, designed by Italian associates Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari, is not all nifty looks though; it’s energy-conscious as well. It features LED technology which provides each lamp with 50,000 hours worth of illumination, using considerably less watts than regular Edison bulbs.

If there’s one wasted opportunity I can think of, it’s that the different modules the lamps are built with could’ve perhaps been made interchangeable, too. Being able to attach a yellow head to a red base and viceversa, for example, would’ve added to the fun and further have emphasized the LEGO-ness of it all. Still, the “Top Four” series successfully marries the geeky, the elegant and the environmentally sound, and for that we salute it.

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Via: Design Milk