Rush Coil, Rush Jet, Rush Exposed? The Robotic Dog’s Anatomy

Whether it’s transforming into a springboard when you need a lift, a jet-powered sled when you’ve got places to go, or a fully functioning submarine when the bottom of the ocean is your destination, dogs are truly the epitome of man’s best friend. Okay… while it’s probably been a while, to say the least, since you last saw your dachshund pup Mr.Wiggles actually perform any of the aforementioned feats of skill, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t those who’ve risen to the challenge. Where Wiggles fails, Megaman’s Rush truly succeeds. With that said, have you ever wondered what’s “under the hood” – so to speak – of this robotic canine wonder? Well, you’re in luck! Thanks to the creative mind behind KodyKoala, Donald Kennedy, wonder no more.

Much like most the rest of Kennedy’s extensive video-game inspired model and mod catalog, the detail work and imagination poured into this piece is remarkable. Modded out of an ordinary vinyl Rush figurine, the piece measures approximately 5 by 5 inches (including base) and reveals what, hypothetically, might be under the candy-colored exterior of the Blue Bomber’s trusty sidekick.

While I’ll be the first to say that the half’n’half approach is a little unnerving, it’s a distinct stylistic choice that provides multipile, interesting view points from which to admire the piece. The the look of warn metal, combined with the implied bronze and steel components, helps to place Rush in his reality; of beating up baddies and aiding his master on a regular basis. While Kennedy states this will be his last anatomy piece for a while, I can’t help but be curious as to what some of Rush’s transformations might look like, particularly if he was able to maintain some sort of consistency in look and feel. What might the inside of a submarine-dog look like? We may never know.

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Via: KodyKoala