The cycle of Windows 7 (and several other Microsoft products!) is ending

Microsoft has warned their userbase that their support cycle for Windows 7 and several other products will soon be coming to an end.

Windows 7

Microsoft calls “mainstream support” the period of 5 years after the launch of any given product, where they constantly provide patches, security updates and fixes for their products. Being in the mainstream support category means that all updates are free, but after this period ends, a product enters the extended support phase, where it’s only the security fixes which are free, with the rest requiring special licensing. What is happening to Windows 7 is that it will soon join the second category, that means, no more fixes or patches, leaving users to manage on their own if they still desire to not upgrade.

Windows 7’s cycle ends specifically on January 13th, but that’s not all,  as Windows Server 2008 and Windows Storage Sever 2008 are also ending. So does support for Dynamics C5 2010, NAV 2009 and NAV 2009 R2l. Given how widely used Windows 7 is, it’s almost expected of Microsoft to extend the life of the product, but if that is to happen, Microsoft has given no indication yet.

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