LEGO Creates Massive X-Wing Replica, Exhibits It in NYC

LEGO certainly knows how to celebrate Geek Pride Day! The company built the largest LEGO model in existence – an X-Wing, and exhibited it in Times Square.

The full-scale X-Wing replica was not particularly built with the Geek Pride Day in mind, as the final purpose was a bit different, but LEGO chose that day for showcasing its creation in Times Square, NYC, and I think the company couldn’t have made a better choice. The X-Wing was actually created to promote the forthcoming premiere on Cartoon Network of the Lego Star Wars-based three-part animated series, The Yoda Chronicles.

Nicholas Hort, LEGO Star Wars brand manager, stated: “Much the same way that fans can build the Star Wars universe with our LEGO sets, we are fortunate to work with Lucasfilm to build new stories, characters and vehicles through one-of-a-kind content such as the new Yoda Chronicles miniseries launching on Cartoon Network.”

None of the LEGO models I’ve ever stumbled upon had the magnitude of this X-Wing. Even the biggest ones were made using only a few thousand pieces. The completion of this 1:1 replica required 5,335,200 bricks, 32 master builders and 17,336 hours, which is about 4 months. Talk about dedication and hard work! If you’re a fan of numbers, here are some more. The model weighs 20,865 kg (45,997 lb), measures 3.35m (11 ft) in height, 13.1m (43 ft) in length, and features a wingspan of 13.44m (44 ft). Now that Star Wars and LEGO fans know the exact dimensions of an X-Wing, they should build a 2:1 replica, just for kicks.

All this was made in the Czech Republic, even though the choice of the location seems a bit illogical, knowing that the model would end up in the US. As mentioned before, the company exhibited the world’s largest LEGO model in Times Square, NYC, but the final destination is the Legoland California Resort, at least till the end of this year.

While LEGO won’t sell this particular replica, it has a slightly smaller one available for the fans: the LEGO Star Wars Red Five X-Wing Starfighter. This model is made out of 1,500 bricks, costs $199.99 and is available in LEGO shops, as well as at online retailers. As the company puts it, the LEGO Star Wars Red Five X-Wing Starfighter is the ultimate collectible, despite its smaller size.

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