The Dark Knight Rises and Plugs Into USB Ports

The Dark Knight Rises USB flash drive is an officially licensed product that allows the fans of Batman to store their data in an eye-catching manner.

The finale of the Dark Knight trilogy turned out to be quite disappointing (if you think otherwise, watch the Honest Trailer of The Dark Knight Rises, made by Screen Junkies), but this striking USB flash drive might ease the pain a bit.

The gadget comes in the form of a bust. Since the head, which includes the flash drive itself, needs to be removed from the bust in order to be plugged into an USB port, you will have to think of anything but beheading the caped crusader. Is it too late now? Well, given that Bane broke the bat in the latest installment of the Dark Knight trilogy, some fans might cringe at the thought that their hero gets harmed even more.

The Batman USB drive was created by Infothink and scheduled for release in the same period as the blu-ray of The Dark Knight Rises. This manufacturer is famous for creating Avengers and Transformers USB flash drives in the past. Batman’s head, the flash drive per se, features two LEDs that light up when the memory stick is plugged in. If you’ve watched The Dark Knight, I guess you remember that scene when Lucius Fox hacks into all the cameras of the mobile phones from Gotham to get a video that is eventually streamed right into Batman’s eyes. That’s the scene this USB flash drive has reminded me of.

In addition, the bust comes with LEDs, too, that will light up the Batman logo. The bust also doubles as a USB hub, so it can be plugged into an USB port, too. What I fear the most is that this Batman USB flash drive might perform awfully. It seems to be a trend for manufacturers of such geeky USB drives to create amazing looking products that lack performance.

Another downside of this product might be its price. Some people might consider the $86.99 price tag a tad steep. Personally, I don’t think that the official Warner Bros license and the unique serial number that can be read with a NFC scanner justify this. In fact, I would have expected some form of encryption, if they want us to pay so much for a ABS/PVC 10 cm tall flash drive.

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