Darkstalkers Themed Menu Items at Capcom Bar

Find out what specialty items are on the Capcom Bar menu to celebrate the release of Darkstalkers Resurrection.

Darkstalkers Capcom bar menu header

Japanese patrons of Shinjuku, Tokyo’s Capcom Bar will be in for a spooky delight with a menu that features themed drinks and eats based on the Darkstalkers fighting games series, which were introduced to celebrate the high-definition, online multiplayer enhanced collection of both Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 called Darkstalkers Resurrection for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Last year a Resident Evil themed menu was offered for a brief period at the Capcom Bar, and in similar fashion the Darkstalker’s one blends its brawling cast of Hollywood horror tropes into such stylish concoctions and sweets like the Morrigan ~Soul Fist~ and the B.B. Hood cheesecake.

Personally I won’t mind trying the Bishamon ~Kyuuketsu Youtou with its samurai sword stirrer, but they all look pretty tasty to me.

Darkstalkers Capcom bar menu image 1

Here’s the full Darkstalkers menu below that describes what each drink is made from and their price in yen. I’m sure heat seekers would probably enjoy burning their tongues on the Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko in the west) ~Anki~ dish that’s comprised of red chili sauce – not me though, one taste of that and I’d might burst into flames.

Darkstalkers Capcom bar menu image 2

Anakaris ~Ouke no Sabaki~ (Non-alcoholic) – 600 yen
Monin Blue Curaçao + Pineapple juice + Eyeball ice

Bishamon ~Kyuuketsu Youtou [Kien]~ (Non-alcoholic) – 600 yen
Monin Blue Curaçao + Monin Blueberry + Sword muddler

Morrigan ~Soul Fist~ (Alcoholic) – 750 yen
Mangoyan + Tonic + Monin Blueberry + Light cubes

Victor ~Thunder Break~ (Alcoholic) – 750 yen
Vodka + Monin Blue Curaçao + Wata Pachi + Light cubes

Bulleta ~Cool Hunting~ Milk – 550 yen

Lei-Lei ~Anki~ Chili Sauce – 600 yen

Felicia ~Hell Cat~ (Non-alcoholic) – 550 yen

Demitri ~Midnight Bliss~ (Alcoholic) – 700 yen
Drink + Framboise sauce

Gallon ~Beast Cannon~ (Alcoholic) – 550 yen

Sasquatch ~Big Brunch~ Creme d’Anjou – 550 yen

I certainly won’t be flying thousands of miles just to eat a classy Japanese bar owned by a videogame company, but if you are then you’ve only got till the April 14th to partake in some Darkstalker branded treats.

Those of us staying where we are can just sit back and check out Darkstalkers Resurrection on PSN/XBLA, a $15 digital title that’s been given some positive reviews and you should buy because I really, really want a Darkstalkers 4. No rush though, first you should read about space missions to Mars, turning pizza boxes into laptop stands, and the coolest stuff on the web via Walyou.com.