Amplify Your iPhone: dB iPhone Cases Are the Perfect Solution

Among their other myriad functions, iPhones are pretty great for listening to music. As long as you’re listening by yourself. With your white ear buds tucked tightly in your ears, the sound that emanates from them is rich, pure and can be turned up as loud as your ear drums can take. But have you ever taken out the headphones and tried to share your digital music with friends? Not so great. If there are two of you, you can huddle together and listen, but any more people than that and the standard iPhone is about as convenient as an old transistor radio.

Well aware of the iPhone’s limitations as a public music device, Rudy James and Robert Haleluk have created the dB Case. It’s specifically designed to amplify the iPhone’s speaker and give a fuller sound. Basically, it snaps onto the back of your iPhone and directs the audio towards you, rather than away from you. This results, according to their website, in increase of up to 3 to 4 decibel gain- double the usual output of the speakers. The case is still at the concept stage, but James and Haleluk have started a Kickstarter page to generate some start-up money. If they reach their goals, they plan to offer the case in a bunch of colors, as well as some very cool wood finishes. So if your tired of the tiny sounds coming from your iPhone, pledge a few bucks and help make the dB Case a reality.

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