33 Gadgets, Gear and Grub That Equal 3.14159265…

It doesn’t matter if you are a math wiz or a classic geek, Pi is something ingrained within you. For certain eye-glass pushers, the Pi symbol fills them up with joy, brings up a sense of mystery and even provides them something to love. To celebrate Pi Day, we gathered here 33 amazing variations of the symbol of Pi.

Pizza Pi Cutter

pi cutter pizza pi day

Whether it was developed of a pun or the realization that geeks must eat, the Pi Cutter is a great kitchen gadget for any pizza lover who has any sense of math.

Pi Ice Tray

pi ice cubes pi day

When you throw your next geeky party, the Pi Ice Cube Tray should definitely be kept in mind. How cool would it be to grab a drink and see those Pi ice cubes floating in your glass?

Pi Cork

pi cork trivet pi day

This is an amazing Pi Cork Trivet to post your notes on, math solutions and any other material to keep your eye on.

Pi Stonehenge

pi stonehenge pi day

Image: Graela

A beautiful entrance to a flower garden created by a Pi fan and hailed as a [geeky] Stonehenge.

Mushroom Pi

pi mushroom pi day

Image: Kaptain Kobold

These kind of mushrooms don’t appear very often. This particular Mushroom Pi was found just around Pi Day ’08.

Pi Shower Curtain

pi shower curtain pi day

Even while taking a shower you could maintain your Geeky nature and keep studying, for the Pi Shower Curtain is both awesome looking and also grants plenty of study material.

Mazda 3.14159265

pi car pi day

Image: AutoBlog

A little modification to the Mazda 3 which includes the digits that make up Pi.

I Heart Pi Tattoos

pi tattoo pi day 1

pi tattoo pi day 2

pi tattoo pi day 3

Images: Lauren1229, JenniferSaylor, Scuffinator

We have seen some crazy tattoo art before which makes us roll our eyes, but at least the Pi tattoos have some sort of meaning. What does it mean to each individual that had it etched on their skin only they know, but the result is definitely Geeky.

pi tattoo pi day 4

pi tattoo pi day 6

Images: Peppermint Stripe, Pamphile

Pi Sculpture

pi sculpture pi day

Image: Wonderlane

The Pi Sculpture was temporarily installed in Seattle, Washington, USA, at the foot of the harbor steps below the art museum. Since then, it has already relocated to other places. 

Pi Bowl

pi bowl pi day

Either as a bowl of fruit for guests or just as a decorative piece, the Pi Bowl is stylish and colorful and could add some style to any geek home.

Pi Clock

pi clock pi day

For some, old clocks are difficult to read, but I guess math geeks wanted it to be a lot more difficult, so they released the Pi Clock. This time, you would need to really put your Math skills to test just to figure out the time.

As easy as Pi

pi apple pie pi day

pi chocolate cake pi day

pi pie pi day

Images: Slashfood, Sim37P3, Twofoldgaze

Either to show your geeky spirit or just put a spin on a regular holiday cake, here are some geeky alternatives: a Pumpkin Pi, an apple Pi, Raspberry Pi, a triple-layer chocolate cake with raspberry filling, a few cupcakes and cookies, and even a mushroom-themed cake. Which is your favorite?

pi mushroom pie pi day

pi cupcakes pi day

pi cookies pi day

pi pumpkin pie pi day

pi raspberry pie pi day
Lovely ConfectionsHep, the Eggplant

Pi Guy Crochet

pi guy crochet pi day 1

Image: Ms. Premise-Conclusion

Some of the cutest crochet art to date, which bring to life the Pi # as a crochet mascot. Simply adorable!

Pumpkin Pi

pi pumpkin carvings pi day 1

pi pumpkin carvings pi day 2

Images: Mathmandan, Stephenjjohnson

Some great pumpkins carvings have surfaced during Halloween that presented Pi as the symbol, number or even as mini crochet art.

pi pumpkin carvings pi day 3

pi pumpkin carvings pi day 4

pi pumpkin carvings pi day 5

Images: Annakwan78, Mike & Kari, AddeyRat

Pi Snow Sculpture

pi snow sculpture pi day

Image: Migpix

I wonder if it took any major mathematical calculation to put up this awesome Pi snow sculpture.

Pi Patches

pi embroidery day

Image: Pillowhead Designs

Created for a previous Pi Day, this cool embroidered patches could be used for clothing, decorative pillows or other neat craft for Pi Day.

Pi Tie

pi tie pi day

Not only does it rhyme, but the Pi Tie is an easy and fashionable way to show your true geekiness outside of your home. Perfect for those high school reunions and job interviews.

Pi Shirt

pi shirt pi day

Another way to wear your “faith” in public with an easy to read Pi T-Shirt that is not only shaped like Pi, but includes the digits within.