That’s No Maserati: It’s a Death Star! [Infographic]

Today some of us get excited seeing an Audi A8 speed by us in all its glory. But taste changes with time and location. Let’s think back – way back – to a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Remember the Galactic Empire days? Sure it was filled with tyranny, corruption and high inflation on hypermatter fuel. However let us not forget what thing the Empire vehicle industry brought us: perhaps one of the most pimped out vehicles of all time – the Death Star.

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Car Insurance Guide and Geeks are Sexy teamed up to bring us the flyer below advertising all the Death Star had to offer. Let’s have a look:

External: Even the most ‘pimped out chrome rims cannot top the matte metal orb that is the Death Star. From afar, it seems like a smooth protective dome around the DS’s core, however once you get a bit closer you’ll see that the Death Star’s surface is composed of many appealing features:

  • The entire surface is composed of buildings which house rooms that offer one hell of a view
  • Mooring Towers enable you to dock your other vehicles, from small cargo ships to giant battlecruisers
  • Trenches provide easy access for maintenance and heat ventilation
  • Perhaps the greatest feature is the Superlaser – the best means of ensuring no one cuts you off on the highway

Internal: The Death Star’s internal complex and facilities are held to the highest Empire standards. In it you will find:

  • Conference rooms: perfect for business meetings and brainstorming of galactic domination
  • Fire room: not to be confused with fire extinguishing, this is where the 168 gunners operate the DS’s Superlaser
  • Garbage compactor: standard issue
  • Detention cells: for punishing your enemies and certain friends who scratch your ride
  • Sauna: after a long day of oppression, it’s the perfect way to end a day

Misc / Bonus Features: Aside from the aforementioned functions, the Death Star also comes with a varied 1.2 million personell, 15,500 ships and 15,760 mixed surface assault weapons (including tractor beams and ion cannons).

Today the Death Star would cost 15.96 septillion (USD, I hope) to build. That’s what happens when inflation rises over a mazillion years! I wish I could roll into Starbucks in one of these. Ah, the good old days.

Via: Geeks are Sexy