Dell Venue 8 7840 Is the World’s Most Interesting Tablet

…and not just the most interesting Android tablet, as it easily beats anything Apple would throw at it. For starters, this 8.4″ tablet is the slimmest in the world.

Of course, that alone wouldn’t have made it the most interesting in the world. While a particular company was busy launching the 2012-specced iPhone 6 and the ever-so-not-spectacular Apple Watch, Michael Dell himself took over the stage at the 2014 Intel Developers Conference in San Francisco and introduced this beauty to the world.

Its incredibly crisp display is only matched by the one of the Samsung Galaxy S, and that’s only because the display of the Dell Venue 8 7840 is made by the South Korean giant. Just that… in Dell’s case, the same display is actually better, and that’s explained by the almost non-existent bezel. That’s right, the display of this tablet runs from edge to edge, so the 2560 x 1600 OLED panel provides a far more immersive experience.

With no bezel, how are you supposed to hold this tablet? In a horizontal orientation, there’s a grip to the left that houses the speakers and two cameras. The next logical question is: shouldn’t there be a front and a back camera instead of two in the front? Well, you’re right, but that doesn’t mean that Dell’s wrong. The Venue 8 7840 is equipped with four cameras, so you’ll also find two on the back of it.

What’s the point of having four cameras? 3D photo and video shooting, of course! This tablet is the first one to sport Intel RealSense, a technology that enables the tablet to tell the depth. On top of that, the tablet can also estimate the distance between two points in the picture. The triangulation is performed with the help of three of the four cameras.

While not perfect, the Intel RealSense technology works, so there is a great basis Dell can improve upon. Developers might get to bring their contributions by creating apps to take advantage of this technology.

Not at last, in terms of specs, the Venue 8 7840 includes Android 4.4, a quad-core 2.33GHz Intel Atom Z3580 processor, Wi-Fi (and very probably Bluetooth, as well) connectivity and 32GB of storage that’s furthermore expandable via a microSD card.

Dell has yet to announce the price and the launch date of this marvelous tablet, but it sure made a few Android fans anxious to hold the Venue 8 7840 in their hands.

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