Dell Venue Android Smartphone [CES 2011]

Dell’s latest smartphone, the 4.1 inch Venue, was introduced at CES 2011 and almost immediately hailed as one of the best Android handsets introduced at the show.

Powered by Android 2.2 Froyo and a 1GHz processor, Dell promises a fast, “high end” user experience on the Venue. The smartphone is elegantly designed, and gets a high-contrast 4.1-inch multitouch AMOLED display with curved Corning Gorilla Glass that further adds to the high-end claim. It’s extremely thin, and sports three (required) capacitive buttons along the bottom of the phone. In addition, the back is created from a single unbroken surface with a micro pattern that hides fingerprints, smudging and scratches. When compared to the Venue Pro (which runs atop Windows Phone 7), this device is similar, but arguably even more gorgeous.

Dell says that the Venue’s Stage UI and 8-megapixel camera enables students, mobile professionals and active social networkers to quickly capture and share life’s moments. The Stage UI is also optimized for entertainment. Users can download the latest tunes and books, or stream radio stations from all over the world with RadioTime. The Dell Venue also offers access to more than 100,000 downloadable applications through Android Market. The device also sports Flash 10.1 (exclusive to Android), meaning full web content will be at your fingertips.

In addition to a full array of entertainment features, the Dell Venue also comes fully equipped with today’s necessary business features including support for ActiveSync and QuickOffice. The combination of high-speed access and Swype for fast text input is said to make the Dell Venue perfect for viewing e-mail, editing documents and surfing the Web.

The enterprise-oriented features that Dell is including with its latest smartphones could spell trouble for RIM’s BlackBerry, which is also sold at Dell’s Web Store. However, the company recently bought its employees BlackBerry devices and replaced them with Dell’s own smartphones. Based on the Venue’s outstanding aesthetic appearance, functionality and feature set, the company’s employees couldn’t have been too disappointed.

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