HTC Inspire Smartphone [CES 2011]

Technology has reached new heights with the latest HTC 4G Android phone, launched at CES 2011. The new addition to the list of communication devices is a savvy piece of equipment.

The 4G phone, known as the HTC Inspire, is on the verge of being launched and is a phone that promises some sexy features, not just in terms of software, but also hardware. The 4G smartphone weighs around 5.78 ounces and its thickness is around 11.6 mm. This may not be the lightest phone on the market, but its other features make the matter of weight a minor detail. The screen of the phone is around 4.3 inches, which provides a perfect complement to the 8 MP camera of the phone. There is also a built-in flash for photo-taking fiends.

Other prominent features of the HTC Inspire include the Android 2.2 OS (Froyo), along with a HD video propensity of 720p, a Snapdragon processor of 1 GHz, a RAM of 768 MB, a storage memory of 4GB that can be expanded up to 32GB and a 1230 mAh battery.

With so many hot features, the Inspire 4G is a star attraction at CES 2011 and something that the consumers can be interested in, in the days to come. Since the phone is in the pre-beta stage, it is quite possible that by the time it hits the consumer market, there will be many upgrades to the existing high-level specs of this new HTC Android phone.

The HTC Inspire, marketed by AT&T, marks a milestone in the progress of  communication technology.

Via: Unwired View