Aluratek BUMP Digital MP3/FM Radio Boombox [CES 2011]

With the winter chill setting in, you might not want to do a lot of things except listen to music, sip black tea and sit by the fire without moving an inch. If you are a comfort-seeker like the one I just mentioned, you should try and get then “Bump” Speaker line from Aluratek.

These speakers let you stream music wirelessly to the speakers. U could expand your collection of speakers to 6 pieces. You do not have to bother anything about configuring or installation of software, for all you would need to do is plug in an SD card, or an MP3 player and just play. Though it sounds slightly fantastic, the “Bump” Speaker line from Aluratek features plug-n-play option when it comes to SD cards.

If you are tired of your music collection and would want to check out what’s playing on the radio, you could try the built in FM tuner as well. Thanks to the built-in Li-Ion Polymer battery, you could enjoy a truly wireless streaming of music from your media player or your SD card. All that you would need to do is connect your MP3 player or any other media device to the 3.5mm auxiliary audio output and listen to music continuously for 4 hours on a single charge.

Surprisingly, the music quality is pretty amazing as well. Bump speakers come with a boom box and the speakers of course. The Boombox has a 2.8 inch ESTN Display which tells you details of the track you are [playing, also the duration of the song. It also tells you the date and time and functions as a mini-clock. You could stream music to the speakers up to a distance of 60- feet from the transmitter.

The Bump Digital MP3/FM Radio Boombox with remote Wireless Speakers was announced at the CES 2011 at Las Vegas and ciosts $99.99. You could also check out a cool list of Computer Speakers that we had featured sometime back. The Headless Dog Speakers are a tad morbid, but play amazing music.