Lookee: The Perfect Bedside Dorm Room TV

The fact that technology has shrunk the world is now a well established fact. There is hardly any element of news in it! There was a time when a person had varying worlds at different places but it is no more so. It is now possible for all of us carry our world with us no matter where we go. Be it home, workplace, on a picnic, on the road, you name the place and you find your electronic friends always by your side. In such circumstances it would not be a surprise if you got to know that you could carry your complete home theatre system with you.

It definitely is not the bulky multiple piece system that you have set up at home that you can carry but there is another product which can give you the very same experience. It is called the Lookee TV! This desktop media player may be called a TV but it satisfies you in ways more than one. The seven inch clear TFT LCD screen gives high picture quality. The built in speakers serve your ears with music experience that is rich in depth and clarity. Tune in to your favorite TV channel or radio channel to enjoy music and videos of your choice. You have the freedom to browse through channels classified on the basis of region, language, genres, keyword searches or even your favorite list. This does give a very personal touch to this media piece.

But your luxuries with this media piece do not end here. What actually sets it apart from all other products in its category is the fact that it gives you the facility to browse through thousands of Internet TV channels and Podcasts via WiFi or Ethernet connections. Lookee TV gives you access to movies and videos from some of the latest content partner applications such as Vimeo, FilmOn, Blubrry, FlickStream and many more. And what’s more, this little piece can help convert your normal TV at home into an Internet TV by simply making use of the TV out function.

As the name of the device goes it is a desktop item and is almost the size of a normal digital alarm piece. Lookee too can serve the purpose of waking you up every morning but in a very different manner. You can choose to wake up to the sound of a normal buzzer, internet radio, FM radio or some of your favorite music pieces.

Small is big and this can truly be said for Lookee TV which packs in so much that it is sometimes more than what you can actually take in.

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