Do Android Users ‘Get’ Less Than Others?

Today’s polls are getting preposterous and producing bizarre results that have little to do with what the poll was actually taken for. The otherwise great poll on what makes a photo attractive to dating partners, by OkCupid dating site, has produced a result beyond ludicrous. It has gone as far as to claim that Android users get lesser sex than BlackBerry and iPhone users.

OkCupid Sex Poll by Phone Type

As part of their camera-efficacy analysis which included the opinions of 11.4 million users; OkCupid crossed the user behavior with camera models and found that they had data on the number of sexual partners of 9,785, 30 year-old, smartphone users.

The absurd results of this poll are brilliantly displayed on this bar diagram, which shows that android users are lagging far behind their iPhone and BlackBerry counterparts, when it comes to sex. While male and female Android users on an average have had 6 sexual partners, male iPhone users have had as many as 10 and female as many as 12. BlackBerry users stand midway with approximately 8.

OkCupid Sex Poll Phone Type By Age

These silly findings have also been plotted on a graph showing the number of sexual partners of the 3 smartphone users, from ages 18 to 40. Needless to say, iPhone users occupy the 1st place on the podium.

This inane poll has resulted in an explosion of applause on iPhone sites and forums, where they’re perhaps taking the results a little too seriously and poking fun at the apparently, ‘less attractive,’ Android users. A site I came across even anticipated Android users to make a switch; hilariously absurd! It is an exact opposite turn of events on Android forums, which have witnessed mockery, ridicule for the poll and scores of re-polls.

Amongst all this mayhem, an android website cleverly brings to our attention that these results had little to do with smartphones people owned. This was not a survey about which smartphone people owned but about the photo that they uploaded on the dating site. When you upload a display picture on a dating site or on social network, it is not necessary that it was clicked from your phone; it could be taken on a friend’s phone and easily shared on social networks, online. So, the database contains information not only on OkCupid user’s phones but on their friends’ phones too. Another interesting finding by the same android site claims that number of sexual partners have nothing to do with the amount of coitus one has; which is also true.

Also, except for the loyal ones, majority of 30 year olds aren’t going to use the same smartphone brand for more than a few years; so even if they’ve uploaded a photo from their phone, it would have been a different smartphone the year or two before and will be different in years to come. I’ve known 30 year-olds who’ve switched from the iPhone and BlackBerry to an Android; a year ago the same people were uploading pics on dating sites via their iPhones.

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