Sony at CES 2015: what’s new and what’s to come

Sony had a fantastic CES conference, and geeks around the world had a very effective confirmation that a great year lies in front of us. Join us, as we recap the highlights of Sony’s keynote at this CES 2015.

Sony CES 2015 1

Sony had an interesting situation coming into this note, with a successful year with the PS4 selling like mad around the world, but the whole hacking & The Interview situation along with that, and this clearly influences everything they had to say. Because it proved effective after PSN was hacked in 2007, they decided to open this confirmation addressing the elephant in the room and talking about what they did, and how they fought these hackers. But gadgets and gizmos were the reason people were here so they quickly jumped to that instead.

Sony CES 2015 2

Sony dropped a bomb: their upcoming UHD TVs not only measure only 0.2 inches (that is, way smaller than most cellphones), but they also will all feature Android OS. That’s right, every Bravia will now run Android TV from here onwards, which is huge for all parties involved. Good luck competing with that, Tizen.

Sony CES 2015 3

Sony also introduced their new HandyCam, which is ridiculously small but also ridiculously powerful. It’s capable of filming high definition video at 4K while being lightweight at the same time – and although great, it will set users back for about $1000 USD. Ouch. And speaking of ridiculously small cams, Sony also announced that they would compete head-on with GoPro with their ActionCam, also capable of 4K, which was introduced by Tony Hawk himself, who also teased a new Tony Hawk game coming for PS4.

Sony CES 2015 4

Despite all of this, what truly stole the show was the return of Sony’s first big triumph: the walkman, which has been reborn as a Hi-Res audio player. Although the idea is fantastic, and there is definitely a market for it amongst audiophiles (more so now, that Apple seems to be slowly letting go of their iPod classic line) this device is really expensive at $1000 USD.

All in all, Sony had a great conference where they showcased fantastic tech, although really expensive, which in the end undermines all they’ve accomplished. It would seem the PlayStation division has learned and realized the importance of better price ranges and tags, yet the rest of the company seems set in their old ways.

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