Diamond Wireless Range Extender Lets You Avoid Wi-fi Deadspots

There is nothing more annoying than a gadget losing network signals because one strayed too far from a Wi-Fi hub, right within the house. This usually happens when you take a sunbath in the garden or when you visit your neighbours, because the signals are not strong enough.

To combat this issue, Diamond Multimedia has announced the WR300N Wireless Range Extender which would allow you to beat W-F- dead spots by converting existing Ethernet connections into W-Fi hubs. It also doubles up as a standalone wireless access point and a wireless bridge device. All that you would need to do is go ahead and buy their device which would make sure that you would get a steady stream of Wi-Fi signals with an ability to receive data at the rate of 300 MB/sec. It is of particular use to those who have a home office, or those who use a lot of gadgets in hard-to-reach areas in the house.

The WR300N Wireless Range Extender sends signals through several walls and will make sure that you remain connected whether you are at home or slightly away from your house. Thanks to the extender’s ability to beat wireless dead spots, you can use Smartphones, laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled gadgets wherever you want. There is no wiring involved and the small and compact size of the gadget makes it all the more attractive. You could also connect to internet-ready HDTVs, consoles, media players and other hand-held devices even when you are travelling.

The WR300N Wireless Range Extender has a user-friendly interface which is web based. It also connects to available Wi-Fi hubs and make sure that you are never out of range even if you are travelling. This part may actually interest people more than anything else, for we all know how annoying it is when signals are weak when we use our Smartphones or laptops in cafes that offer free Wi-Fi connections. You would not need to depend on one router but can connect to any available router if it is public and make sure that you overcome dead spots in order to remain connected always.

Even if you stray a little too far away from a Wi-Fi router’s base, you will still be able to remain connected to internet thanks to WR300N Wireless Range Extender. You could also take a look at the RedEye Universal Remote App, which lets you use all your iOS and Android devices with the help of a remote control right within in your house. Thrutu is yet another useful tool that makes use of existing Wi-Fi connections to help you multi-task while you are on a call.