RedEye Universal Remote Control App Released for Android Devices

Universal remote control devices have been around for quite some time, but their universal-ness has always been limited, if you wanted to know the truth.

A remote control that works on all platforms regardless of the Smartphone or handheld that you use had always been missing. ThinkFlood has announced the Android version of their RedEye application. The RedEye app allows its users to control all their home devices including HVAC, home theatre, lighting and other devices with the help of networked devices such as PCs, tablets and Smartphones. Until now, RedEye was popular among those who used iOS devices such as iPhone or iPod Touch. Now, people who use Android devices too can control all the devices in their home with the help of a Wi-Fi connection.

Any device that could be connected to a Wi-Fi network within a house can be controlled simultaneously with the help of a number of networked devices that have the RedEye application installed. The new Android version also allows multiple users so that if one gets a call on their cellphone, the remote control function need not be compromised and can be swapped to another networked device such as a tablet. Matt Eagar, founder and president of ThinkFlood revealed that they never believed in just sticking to iOS devices and always meant to be as universal as possible, and be true to the essence of universal remote control.

The RedEye systems allows you to control your home devices from anywhere within the house, or even from outside your house if your Wi-Fi network reaches till outside, for instance, a neighbour’s house. Automatic syncs help you to pick up controlling right where another user left it. This is especially important to reduce confusions among people who stay within a house as RedEye supports multiple users. One can also go ahead and customize the way the screen looks, the buttons look and pretty much everything about the application.

RedEye also comes with great platform-appropriate shortcuts and that includes multi-touch and motion gestures on iOS devices and keyboard shortcuts for PC and Android devices. RedEye hardware is already available online and can be purchased from ThinkFlood and several retailers and dealers in more than 60 countries worldwide. RedEye application for Android devices can now be downloaded from the Android marketplace. If you use an iOS device, all you would need to do is head towards iTunes. You could also take a look at the article in which we wrote about how one can control home appliances with the help of mind. You could also take a look at 22 remote controls that we had listed earlier.