Digital Canopy Offers Subway Commuters a View of the Outside World

The subway can be so dark and dank, that finding light can be kind of difficult. A new digital canopy provides an ambient environment to make your ride much more pleasurable.

Subways are not the most pleasant environment to be in. They are crowded, filled with graffiti (and sometimes people who do not know anything about deodorant), and just not an all-around fun place to be in. Yet, the truth is that thousands upon thousands of men and women around the world use their local subway system as part of their daily commute. One of the things they would most like to change in the subway is what it is that they look at while riding. Rather than amateur ‘art’ and billboards advertising goods and services that are not relevant, wouldn’t catching a glimpse of the outside world, even though you are underground, be so much better?

Now a number of British design students are looking to provide a positive answer to this question by creating a new digital display system for subway cars. The goal is to provide commuters with a view of the world outside that they are passing by.

This digital canopy utilizes flexible electrophoretic display panels, also known as e-papers, which are then attached to the roof of the subway car. The canopy provides “ambient animation” of weather information, passing landmarks, and other items as well. It is updated through WiFi. Advertisers can also utilize the display canopy to offer location-based ads and QR codes.

(Via: Mashable)

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