Manos: The Hands of Fate Game Now On iOS

Get ready to experience one of the worst films in all of movie history in videogame form. Ahh, yeah!!!

Manos FreakZone Games Box Image

To truly understand the endless depths of cinematic awfulness that is 1966’s Manos: The Hands of Fate, one must see it first hand. Actually, wait. Don’t do that at all. You’ll probably hate me forever for recommending you do so, and honestly, the best lens to view this catastrophic horror/suspense film is by checking out the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode for which gave the film its cult notoriety.

Heck, even after that though, I still wouldn’t recommend watching it; believe me, Manos, even after you get past all of its befuddling technical issues and dreadful acting, is a tremendous snore-fest. Instead curiosity-seekers, you should direct yourselves over to Apple’s App Store and experience this underground obsession in a likely more engaging form with the release of the Manos: The Hands of Fate videogame.

Manos FreakZone Games Image 1

Made by United Kingdom developer FreakZone Games, the iOS game is a goofy 8-bit tribute to everything that makes Manos so… uh, special. Details wise, it’s a 2D action-platformer starring the movie’s leading man, Michael, who must brave through a creepy mansion to find his missing family. The game has tons of memorable callbacks to the film, like the infamous housekeeper Torgo – and yes, his plane too. There’s even some hidden MST3K references sprinkled throughout the game if you look closely enough.

Surely, what will make this game stand compared to its B-movie counterpart, is that its something worth playing. Manos’ powers of horribleness are being put to good use here, posing as a real nice challenge for anyone that wants a solid platforming experience with ample nostalgia form memorable bad horror flicks, which should produce a smiling long chuckle from anyone who plays it. Here’s some sample footage of the game in action:

Right now Manos: The Hands of Fate is currently an iOS project, a $1.99 universal app that can be played on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Cool beans. As for Android users though, they shouldn’t fret about missing out, because FreakZone promises that an Android version of the game will be coming real soon, and if the game sells well enough, perhaps a Xbox Live Arcade version!

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