School Textbooks Go Hi-Tech, Become Digital for Korean Students

It is the digital age and no one can escape being affected by it. The computer is being used in almost every walk of life and it is probably for this reason that the Korean government has decided to go digital in schools as well. Plans are underway to convert all school books in to digital books enabling children to engage in an interactive medium of learning.

Listing down the advantages of going digital in schools one can come up with many. For one, children will have to carry only one tablet PC as opposed to the numerous books allotted for each subject. This will take off a great amount of load from the backs of young shoulders. Being an interactive medium, it will be of greater interest to little minds since they enjoy everything that involves a lot of activity. Besides all children are fond of computers and if that is brought into the world of learning studies can become a lot of fun.

Viewing things from the teachers’ perspective too there are endless benefits. With a bank of digital textbooks and learning material available it will always be easy for the teacher to pick up relevant teaching material that suits a particular need. Reference material can be made available in great amounts helping the teacher tackle a particular topic with ease.

Researches are constantly going on in every field and many new researches reveal new facts. Incorporating these new facts into digital textbooks is far easier than doing it in print. This will help keep children exposed to new revealing facts.

Plans do not stop at digital textbooks but go beyond that. Provisions are to be made for online education as well. For example, situations arise when children are forced to miss classes due to a certain illness. In such cases students can access their classes on the net and make up for all that they have lost during their illness in a simple manner.

Undertaking the task of digitalizing a school is not an easy job and cannot be achieved overnight. It involves a great amount of work which the Korean government is all set to achieve. With plans well chalked out and the objective very clearly set, it is only a matter of time before it can be done. The government is confident that this will be a smooth transition as children are well acquainted with computers.

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Via: Chosunilbo