General Dynamics Releases Rugged Itronix GD3015 Tablet

The new Itronix GD3015 tablet from General Dynamics is one heavy duty and ‘rugged’ tablet, able to take a beating and get the job done.

general dynamics itronix tablet

Perfect for contractors, warehouse workers or other people who need the versatility of a tablet on the job site, the Itronix is one mean tablet. Designed to handle a beating and still function, the tablet can survive the harshest of weather conditions and can even be dropped without suffering any damage.

The Itronix GD3015 has most of the standard features you would expect a tablet to offer. It has a 2 mega pixel camera able to take photos and videos, comes with a 10.4″ touch screen, full GPS and weighs in at only 2.61 lbs.

As well, since the tablet is designed more for job use in the industrial or construction sectors, it can be heavily modified to better suit the needs of a contractor or a business owner.

The tablet can be outfitted with an optional bar code scanner and RFID capabilities for easy warehouse inventory keeping, as well as a scanner to accept card payments and deliveries. Other services and features can be added upon demand and the tablet can be customized in any way that the customer needs its.

The tablet can also be outfitted to run Microsoft Windows 7 or other operating systems if needed.

One of the exciting thing about durable and versatile tablets like these is seeing how the technology breaks into different sectors of every day life. No longer reserved for home use and leisure, tablets might soon start replacing a whole lot of other devices that we currently take for granted.

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