Dishonored Xbox 360 Controller Has Gamers in Stitches

Arkane Studios’ 2012 game is not only one of the best in the stealth action-adventure genres, but also serves as inspiration for cosplay, and as of late, for gaming controllers.

Devin Smith, who is probably better known as End of Line Designs on teh Interwebz, just finished modding an Xbox 360 control pad that Corvo Attano would be proud of using, had he be living in the tenzies, and not in what looked like Victorian times. After all, the new design of the Dishonored Xbox 360 controller has a lot in common with the overall theme of the game.

The combination of canvas and leather, all held together by stitches, reminds the ones who played the game of Corvo’s mask. I imagine that the stitches might come in the way of your mittens, if handling the controller improperly, but as long as you hold it by the parts covered in leather, everything should be OK.

Speaking of parts covered in leather, the buttons have been changed entirely, and so has the light, everything to make the similarities more apparent. Instead of the green backlit Xbox 360 logo, now there’s the Outsider’s mark, beautifully projecting from above a blue light.

The canvas that adorns the sides and the center of the Dishonored control pad might prove problematic in certain environments. To be more precise, it might absorb sweat, depending on the environment’s temperature and on how much the gamer’s hand perspire. That leads in time both to the degradation of said canvas and to the accumulation of possibly unpleasant odors. That’s not as if conventional control pads were germ-free or something.

Games reacted in a hilarious way upon seeing the modded controller, as an long line of risible comments ensued on Kotaku and other sites. While the mod had some people in stitches, others claimed that they didn’t get the joke and asked to be sewed. You get the picture!

One thing everyone agreed on was how awesome, yet uncomfortable the Dishonored controller looks. It’s not at all ergonomic and would most probably hurt people’s hands, had they used it for prolonged periods of time. Such a piece is better kept in a show case than used, and even more so since it is a unique thing.

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