Disney Movies Anywhere App Incoming!

Disney has joined the battle for control over the digital entertainment market with their own streaming apps where users can watch over 400+ titles.


The new app released by Walt Disney Studios is called Disney Movies Anywhere, and is an Apple iOS exclusive as of right now (sorry Android users! You’ll have to wait a bit longer). The app is more than just an afterthought, and has a library which contains over 400 digital movies at launch. And not any movie! From the classics we know and love to recent smash-hits like ‘Frozen’, all are just a couple taps of the screen away. Also, the app can be used on a Windows or Mac computer if you prefer to use a desktop instead of a mobile device.

It is expected for the library to keep growing thanks to Disney’s many partners and recent acquisitions such as Lucasfilm, creators of the “Star Wars” movie saga.

Source: NYT

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