Bandai Launching Disney Super Robot Toy In Japan

Move over Voltron, there’s a new defender of the universe and it hails from the Magic Kingdom.

Disney Super Robot Chogokin image 1

You know a nation is truly robot crazy when it even has an effect on foreign exports. Yes, not even Mickey Mouse and his cartoonish gang can seem to escape Japan’s fevered love for robotic entities big and small, and you know, that’s positively okay.

Why? That crazy-looking robotic figure above you is why! Coming in March of 2013, Bandai, who is of course prominently known as a purveyor of all robotic-based goods – Mobile Suit Gundam says hello – will be selling a super robot toy based on Disney’s most famed mouse.

Disney Super Robot Chogokin image 2

Now in Japanese nerd vernacular, super robots tend to be hulking iron giants composed of several mini-robots. See Voltron, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, etc. And in the case of Chogokin King Robo: Mickey and Friends – that’s the official name, alrighty – eight smaller mechs come together to form this mighty champion of Disney intellectual properties. (Beware, counterfeiters!)

Which, you probably already have noticed, come in the robot form of Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto and not pictured, a steamboat – no doubt a tribute to Mickey’s first cartoon debut – and a doghouse, because, heck, why not.

Disney Super Robot Chogokin mickey ImageDisney Super Robot Chogokin donald Image

Disney Super Robot Chogokin minnie ImageDisney Super Robot Chogokin daisy Image

Disney Super Robot Chogokin goofy ImageDisney Super Robot Chogokin pluto Image

I’m totally getting G Gundam levels of absurdity off of this particular toy robot – hmm, I give it a windmill Gundam on the G Gundam scale – which is a huge seal of approval from me. Sadly, for us Yankees, it not likely coming to North America nor is the promise of a cartoon series based on it.

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Images and info courtesy of GetNews