Improve your Focus with the PLX XWave

We learn early on in school that the brain is one of the most important organs of the human body. It is located at the center of our nervous system and controls and regulates all of the body’s actions and reactions. Anything that we do is controlled by the brain; right from simple body functions such as breathing to complex mental activities such as learning a new language or analysis.Our brain is able to control our body through electric signals that are passed through the billions of neurons that make up the brain. If one can control the frequency of these electric signals, they can control the body and mind as well. For instance, when we focus our complete attention on a particular task, it boosts brain signals and we are able to complete the task at hand in a quick and efficient manner.

PLX Devices Inc is in the business of developing smart gadgets for the intelligent consumer. They have designed a smart gadget that allows the common user to increase their powers of focus and concentration by harnessing the electric signals that relay through the brain. The device is called XWave.

XWave detects the rhythms of the brain’s signals and gives the user a visual window into the workings of their brain. The device is not a figment of someone’s fancy imagination, it is based on proven medical science and patents. With this new age device, the user would surely be able to improve their focus.

The XWave is one part hardware and one part software. A sleek headset that fits comfortably around your head is the hardware of the device. The headset consists of a forehead sensor that detects brainwave signal and is fitted with a patented brainwave detection technology powered by Neurosky.

The software of the device is an Apple based app that can be uploaded on any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. The headset connects to the software via an audio jack that can be plugged in to the Apple device. Once the headset is connected, a user interface pops up on screen and the user can view his or her brain functions.

The Apple based app comes with games that would improve the focus of the user. One particular game is focusing on a ball; the more you focus on it the higher it rises.

The XWave is completely safe to use and is designed to read only your brainwaves. It currently retails for $99.99 and can be found on

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