Stay in Touch to Relevant Content with Hitpad

Having access to information that is particularly tailored to your needs seems to be a very important thing nowadays. iPad owners have been continuously looking for apps that help them stay in touch with relevant content.

Hitpad, an iPad app that has been launched today at Techonomy 3, a tech conference held in Tel Aviv, promises to save people a lot of time and resources by delivering information that is selected according to their criteria.


One of the aspects that impresses the most is the fact that Hitpad responds to feedback from the user and gets optimized by learning from the experience of the user. The news come exclusively from trusted sources and are based on trending topics. This way, iPad owners are aware at all times about the facts that concern them.

Hitpad Information Snippets

All the news are presented as small bits – usually a sentence – but the users can find out more information by clicking on the topic of interest. As seen above, there are several different categories of content. First of all, there are the news.

Hitpad Twitter Pad

The second tab includes information that comes from Twitter, but other social platforms, such as Facebook or Instapaper, can be used, too.

Hitpad Video Tab

For users that spend most of their time on YouTube or other similar sites, there is the Video tab. Web and Photos are the last two categories. Keep in mind that each of these tabs displays content that is gathered depending on the topics previously selected by the user.

Some people may compare Hitpad to other discovery services such as StumbleUpon, but the innovation factor that is present in this app cannot be denied.

Hitpad is available as a free download in the iPad app store. Maybe the developers of this app will also port it to other platforms, in order to reach a greater number of people.

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