Inner Works of an Machine: Android Anatomy

Ever wonder what it would be like to look inside some of the more memorable androids of our time? Check out these awesome illustrations that hide nothing.

c3po android anatomy

Who doesn’t love robots? Whether they’re the transforming kind or the fighting kind, we’re usually content to have them look like machines. When they look like us, then it’s sometimes a problem, because underneath it all, they’re just metal and machine and usually evil. I’ve seen the Terminator, I know how it works. You can never really know who is and who isn’t an android, unless of course they look like Bender or C3PO.

bender android anatomy

Regardless of my fright that machines may be walking among us, these images are simply awesome. There, I said it.

According to our source, thaeger, these illustrations were created by a graphic artist named Yves Joe Malgorn, who apparently has some very remarkable x-ray vision. I’ve seen some interesting artwork in the past that was kind of like this, only instead of revealing robotic parts I think it actually showed skeletons and bones. The android anatomy aspect is a pretty nice touch and it gives these images an artistic flair of their own.

noa android anatomy

mickey mouse android anatomy

Though, there are some signals that can give one of them away. Cardboard acting is one of them. That’s not to say that Marilyn Monroe wasn’t the greatest actress of our time, but one has to wonder if she was human or perhaps a fem-bot straight out of Austin Powers.

Marilyn Monroe-Marilynatrix

Of course, after seeing the Terminator, I don’t think there’s a single person out there who doesn’t think that Arnold is actually a mean robot from the future. He did become governor, after all, by quoting lines from his movies.

arnold terminator android anatomy

terminatrix android anatomy

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