Mods Get Victorian on Nerf Guns

Get Victorian on Nerf Guns

Nerf guns never really go out of style, but there’s no reason why you can’t make it cooler. If you’ve got the time, talent, patience and nerf gun, making the transformation to steampunk will definitely make you the coolest kid on the block.


Designed and created by that infamous Professor Cat Pardus (no he’s not a real cat), this steampunk version of a standard Nerf Maverick has changed everything even the nerf darts. To make the darts go even further, Pardus removed the air restrictors and added some extra pressure to shoot these guys off. For comparison, the standard gun has a range of 20-25′. The Dreameater (the gun) has a range of between 26′-39′ with basic darts and 27′-42′ with the modified darts. The only thing that really remains of the original gun is the very basic casing/shape of the gun and pump action firing.

dreameater pressure valve detail

dreameater trigger detail


It took Pardus a year to complete the gun, from finding all the necessary pieces to putting it together, but the final project is well worth the effort. In fact, one would never guess that it was a Nerf Maverick, or even a Nerf gun, unless they were told otherwise. It’s amazing what cosmetic changes can do to a simple children’s toy. The addition of gauges, a embellished trigger, leather like handle, etched black filigree on copper and brass breasts.

dreameater closeup

When comparing the toy version and the steampunk version, it’s clear to see that Pardus put a lot of time, thought and planning into creating this masterpiece. It could be a prop on a a Hollywood set for a steampunk movie. If nothing else, it would definitely be a badass addition to your toy gun collection.

dreameater reload

dreameater side

dreameater side 2

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Via: The Wonderful Steampunk Creations of Professor CaT Pardus

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