DIY Shower Spa

Fancy shower heads are great, but unfortunately the prices are also fancy. A post on Instructables shows you how to build your own spa shower head with parts you can pick up for a few bucks at the hardware store.

You’ll need a 1/2 inch PVC pipe, a 1/2 inch PVC end cap, a PVC end connection, a standard shower hose, a 1/8 inch bit (a drill to go with it might me a good idea as well), and some of those plastic hooks with the sticky stuff on the back that lets you stick them on the wall.

DIY Shower Spa head

You’ll find the detailed instructions on the Instructables page itself, but the general idea is that you cut a bit off of the pipes, put the end cap connector on the pipe,drill some holes in it, screw on the hose, hang the hooks on the shower wall exactly where you want them, connect the other end of the hose to the shower head, and finally, turn the water on.

You’ll then have a shower spa that you might never want to leave. You’ll save a lot of money, unless you end up running up the water bill instead. (That’s why this hack might not be a good idea if you live in an area with water rationing.) Of course, you’ll still have a lot more money to spend on holiday gifts this season. You might even give this to someone who likes to be pampered and appreciates gifts with a personal touch.

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