Stunning Video Game Cover Art

It’s no secret that video game cover art isn’t as awesome as it could be, with meddling marketing directors and the like pushing for more straight-forward images. However, there are some very talented people out there who are changing that. While the designs they churn out aren’t official art, they’re beautiful images that can be printed out and used as replacements. There are so many beautiful examples of concept art and promotional images out there, and it’s amazing that many of them aren’t used as the cover art for the games. Instead, we often get some over-produced image, often with blue and orange colors overwhelming. Fortunately this cover art can be easily removed from the plastic-sleeved video game cases and replaced with whatever you want. Once you see the designs that the members of NeoGAF have created, you just might be rushing to alter the majority of your collection.

Uncharted Variant Covers

Most of the images use promotional materials and other official art, arranging the images so that they work well as cover art that wraps around the case, while also adding the necessary details such as the title and information on the spine. Often omitted are the big console-branded bars at the top, company logos, and the ESRB rating, and even eliminating that clutter alone makes for a more appealing cover. Understandably, the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune cover features the title character as the main focus, along with some various junk to hint at a jungle, danger, and artifacts. The two examples included with it below instead pull away from the now-popular Nathan Drake, making him just a tiny piece of the beautiful and dangerous surroundings he finds himself in. It may not be the best way to sell a franchise and a character, but it sure looks pretty.

Dead Space Custom Variant Cover Art

The original Dead Space art features a severed hand floating through space which, along with the title, correctly suggests a horror-themed game. In sort of an opposite idea from the Drake’s Fortune art, this replacement cover ditches the original to focus more on the game’s protagonist, Isaac Clarke, as well as one of his many bizarre and brutally effective weapons. As you can see, especially by browsing the forum thread at NeoGAF linked above, there are tons of replacement covers up for grabs. Whether you’re looking for something more panoramic and artistic, something more minimal, or something flashy and eye-catching, there are so many contributions from talented designers that you’re sure to find what you want. For some other ways to mix art and video games check out these Video Game Wall Decals or perhaps you could wear some artistic geekiness with these Video Game Themed Rings.