Dock Unlocker App Keeps Your Dock Programs In Place

Many Mac users have encountered the problem where they accidentally remove a program from their ever important Dock bar. Thankfully, a short visit to the App Store can change this with a new app called Dock Unlocker.

While locking the Dock would seem to be something that users should take for granted on their Macs, it is not a standard feature in the Mac OS. Windows users simply have to right-click on the taskbar to bring up the option to lock it, while Mac users do not have such a luxury. Luckily, developer Jose Lopez has crafted a widget that will allow users to lock their Docks with a simple click!

In the screenshot, you can see the tiny widget in it’s full self and simplicity. The app is quite simple, allowing users the functionality to lock and unlock their Dock as to not accidentally remove things off of it, something similar to various MMO action bars. Head on over to Jose’s website and download this free app and check it out! For the free price and simplicity, this app does everything you could need out of it, without using much computing space!

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Via: Lifehacker