Flash On iOS: A Gift From The Gods?

For those who are always using Apple products, no Flash support can be a burden at times. A new app for iOS devices can help you out, though, and allow users to finally see those Flash videos and applications!

Entitled F-Browser, the app seeks to change what has become the norm for iOS device users; having to ignore anything that requires Flash. What this app will do for users is easily scan for the Flash videos, animations, and other like objects on the specific website that the user is viewing, and convert them into an iOS friendly format for the user, finally allowing you to see those videos.

The essence of F-Browser is that it works seamlessly with your current browser, only adding a small button next to the address bar (the down arrow) which, once pressed, will scan the current page for any Flash objects and list all of them. Once F-Browser finds them, it will then download them with the tap of a button, and save them for future, quick access and viewing.

This app is certainly something that is revolutionary for iOS devices. Who knows, one may be seeing something like this on the App Store for Macs in the short future. While it may be a burden to have to download the videos and such to view, it is certainly a step in the right direction. For the small price of $1.99, it certainly is a steal! To download the app from the App Store for your iOS device, click here!

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Via: Retina iPhone Apps