Qik App Allows Users to Seamlessly Share Mobile Video

For those of us who live most of our lives through our smart phones, a new app from the creators of Skype is on the market place for many mobile platforms, allowing users to quickly and easily share and upload videos on the internet. One of the key features is the ability to video chat.

Although video chatting would not be something entirely new to iPhone users, other features that Qik provides are unique, and easy to use at the least. The software allows users to do multiple things, including video chat, share video, and also mail video to other users. The softwares interface is incredibly easy to use, and even on my 3G Droid X was pretty fast.

The record and share feature on the phone is of great use, allowing users to record video, and then have the option to stream it, or save it for a later date, and then upload it to numerous social websites, or send it to family and friends.

Sending video mail is pretty easy too, and also free, though please note that this feature will only be free until June 1, 2011. After this, there will be a small fee to pay in order to use this feature, though it will still be free to receive video mail.

Live video calls are available to many, including those who have Android phones (2.1-2.3.3), iPhones, iPad 2s, and iPod Touch 4th Generations as well, though you can only connect to others who are using the Qik software.

If you’d like to check to see if your device is able to use the software, click here for a full list of supported devices. Android users can utilize the handy little QR code below to be taken directly to the app on the Android Marketplace.

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Via: Qik