Doctor Who Dalek Money Bank

Popular characters from TV shows and movies are often seen off the screen in the form of action figures, Halloween costumes, mugs and even money banks. The Doctor Who Dalek money bank is only one such example.


The color does not match the one of the original Daleks, but other than that, the money bank replicates with great fidelity the design of the villains from the Doctor Who series. The description of the product could not be based on anything else than the Dalek trademark “Exterminate!”. Therefore, this money bank is said to exterminate all your debt. More than that, people are meant to face extinction if they do not save up with this particular money bank. Apparently, the attitude of the baddies from the British series was transposed into this product.

As the 6th season of the series will be aired soon, it may be a good idea to buy this money bank as a gift for the Doctor Who fans that you may know. If you do not have any fans of the Doctor in your entourage, then you may as well buy it for yourself.  In general, the geeky fans of the series enjoy owning various gadgets inspired by the Doctor, the Daleks,  the Cybermen or the TARDIS. Pairing this money bank with other Doctor Who products will certainly not be difficult, as there are many items to choose from.

The price of the gadget is more than adequate, considering how much attention to the details was paid by the manufacturers. Hence, anyone who save with this money bank will first have to get $27.99 out of their pocket. This criterion seems to be rather mandatory, if you want to avoid extermination.

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