N64 Gameboy Advance Mod: The Portable Console of Your Dreams

Some fans will never forget the first 64-bit console on the market. And just imagine how cool would it be to have its real working portable version!

When Nintendo 64 was launched in 1996, the machine was much more powerful then 32-bit rivals from Sony and Sega and in those times even the inconvenient and quite ancient cartridge technology was not really considered as a defect (but most of gamers realized this sooner or later …). Anyway, those are the impressive ways of celebrating after getting Nintendo 64:

Perhaps it is one of those kids that grew up and created the mod that’s being described. Who knows…? N64boy Advance looks extremely cool and very professional, it’s actually hard to believe that it didn’t come from a factory!

A guy named Hailrazer seems to be a fan of not only N64, but also Gamboy Advance, and Game Cube, as this device looks like a successful combination of those three consoles. Hailrazer used a Gameboy Advance carrying case, a joystick from Game Cube (which works better than N64’s, as he says), a little 4.3’’ screen and full N64 electronics including CPU, motherboard or the cartridge slot (located at the top, using actual real size N64 cartridges!).

The modder explained that the device is just for him, and therefore there are several details that someone might miss, for example a D-Pad, a slot for an external pad or TV-out. It has two speakers, which work perfectly (volume control is available), and a rechargeable battery borrowed from a camcorder. Everything looks very clean and really well built. Damn, sometimes I really envy those electronic freaks… Anyone fancy of building and selling on eBay something like this?

Go ahead and see N64boy Advance in action in the video below. Hailrazer explains thoroughly how did he do it and plays some cool vintage games like Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie or Zelda.

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Via: geekosystem and moddedbybacteria