Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver Gets the Remote Control Treatment

While the universal remote control in the form of Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver will not help you bend time and space, it might prove useful when zapping or when controlling your Hi-Fi system.

What better way of switching the channels to find the Doctor Who show than by using a universal remote control in the shape of the sonic screwdriver? I certainly would enjoy such a gadget, especially since I am a Whovian, myself. Remote controls have had more or less the same shape until now, when the sonic screwdriver will turn the tides in its favor.

The remote control includes polished copper plating and authentic soft touch grip, a combination that helps it look a lot like the original tool of our favorite Time Lord. At its core, though, the remote control employs common infrared technology. To make the remote control resemble even more the sonic screwdriver, the manufacturers included 13 authentic special FX sounds from the TV show. Since the manufacturers claim that it is a universal remote control, it should work without any problems with any TV sets, stereo systems, DVD and BluRay players, as well as iPod docks. Make sure you continue reading after this long series of pictures.

This sonic screwdriver is not only highly functional, but it also seems to be rather fashionable, judging by the way it fits the tuxedo pocket in the above picture. The company that makes it says that the instructions of the sonic screwdriver remote control come from the Doctor himself. Now, I do not know if we should believe them or not, but I guess the Time Lord would be proud of such a product.

Besides 4 operational modes, this remote control also packs a neat feature that should impress the ones who are frantic about maintaining their settings. More precisely, the users have the ability of using a personal authorization code to lock the setting or even to hide completely the true nature of the sonic screwdriver.

One last detail that might interest people is the price of this device. The Doctor Who sonic screwdriver universal remote control can be purchased for $100 at ThinkGeek.  The price is a bit steep, if you ask me, but at the same time, I am willing to bet there will be plenty of Whovians who will spend this kind of money on such a device. At the moment it is out of stock, but it should be back at the end of August, in case you really want to get one.

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