Legoland Windsor Reclaims Title of Building World’s Largest LEGO Tower

Not to be one-upped by South Korea, Legoland in Windsor, UK builds the world’s tallest LEGO tower. Something tells me this is one of those records that will always be broken.

Too bad, so sad Seoul, South Korea. Not even three months into being awarded the title of building the world’s tallest LEGO tower, the Brits pull the proverbial rug from underneath that tower, watching it come crashing down as Legoland Windsor builds up their tower and takes the title of the world’s tallest LEGO tower.

Standing at 32 meters tall (the one in Seoul stood at 31.9 meters) and using more than 500,000 LEGO bricks, this tower brings the award back home to the Brits, who had previously won the honor in 2008. It took four days and hundreds of volunteers to make this happen! Per K Knudsen, LEGO master builder, was given the honor of placing the last few LEGO pieces at the top of the tower, which included nine team GB LEGO mini figures.

Now the question is will Seoul try to take back the title or will a new city rise up (literally and figuratively) to the challenge. Stay tuned.

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