The Doctor Will Make Your iPhone Travel Through Time

Every new iteration of the iPhone was marked by a slew of cases designed especially for that particular model. The fourth generation was released half a year ago, so it’s little surprise to see that there are still covers coming out for it.

The latest in this collection is a series of three cases centering around the theme of Doctor Who. They all cost $29.99 and each one features a distinct aspect of the show: the TARDIS, the Daleks, and the Doctor. They are easy to slip-on, with all the controls and the dock connector are left accessible, so the decoration is protective but not obstructive.

Dr iPhone 1

Buy: $29.99

The first case features my favourite symbol of the show – the TARDIS. In this case, the distinct blue police box is placed on top of a hyper-realistic swirling wormhole. It looks pretty tacky, but in the best possible way; after all, Doctor Who is a pretty campy show at times, and this definitely suits the general mood. It’s also not obnoxiously over-the-top for those who don’t know the show, compared to the other two cases that are somewhat more overt.

Dr iPhone 2

Buy: $29.99

The second one is a rather snappy case with three colourful Daleks glaring menacingly at the viewer, with the iconic phrase “Exterminate!” above their heads. Daleks aren’t quite as distinct as the TARDIS, but the case still looks snappy, and definitely adds a nice bit of Doctor Who flavour to your iPhone.

Dr iPhone 3

Buy: $29.99

I don’t like the third case very much, but that’s probably just because I’m not a fan of the Eleventh Doctor, and this case is all about him and his sonic screwdriver. This one’s more targeted to people who love the current doctor rather than people who just love the show, so it has less widespread appeal. The effects behind and in front of the Doctor are also much cheesier than those in the other cases, so it does end up looking a bit tackier than the rest. If you like Matt Smith, it’s definitely a must-have accessory.

Overall, the Doctor Who iPhone 4 cases look pretty great and though they’re a bit pricey, they’ll do a good job of protecting your iPhone from taking damage. If you don’t have an iPhone but you love Doctor Who, check out this sweet TARDIS ice bucket, or take a look at this USB TARDIS hub.