Domestic Life Seen through Paper-Sculpted Electronics

Through a series of eye-catching paper sculptures, a Hong Kong based artist aims to illustrate the relationship between humans and the electronics we care so highly about.

Paper Sculpture 1

Paper Sculpture 2

Paper Sculpture 3

Ordinary Behavior is an exhibit of various everyday household electronics made entirely out of paper cardboard. Artist Kevin LCK sculpted various appliances like an old TV, Macintosh computer, iPhone, Leica camera, and microwave oven in basic black and white for that retro feel.

But what’s even more amazing than the awesome details Kevin LCK put into the electronics models is what’s placed inside them. Peep a little closer and you will find miniature models of rooms hidden inside each cardboard sculpture. The artist has painstakingly built itty bitty paper furniture and home accessories to show us a different side of the normal appliances we use every day.

Paper Sculpture 4

Paper Sculpture 5

Each device shows a small replica of a typical home or apartment, with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and dining room. Wall designs and other interior details have been hand drawn to give dimension to the dioramas. So beautiful yet fragile at the same time.

Through the Ordinary Behavior exhibit, Kevin LCK aims to show the audiences the relationship we have with everyday electronic devices. For a moment, we should take a closer look as to how even our domestic behaviors are dominated by our TVs, computers, mobile phones, et cetera. Most of us fail to realize that these gadgets, helpful as they are, may have the tendency to take a huge chunk of time from our daily routine. Can we live without them, or do we truly live because of them?

Kevin LCK is a founding member of Brain Rental, an artist’s group based in Hong Kong and London. He and his colleagues have been commissioned for various exhibits across the globe. Besides their exhibit on Ordinary Behavior, Brain Rental also publishes illustrations, makes animations, and sells prints of their work.

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Via Flavorwire