No Ultimate Gamer’s Room is Complete Without Donkey Kong Shelves

Are you wondering that one thing you may be missing from the ultimate gaming room? What about shelves reminiscent of one of the best in old-school Nintendo video games?

Who doesn’t love a bit of geeky decor in their home? I have a mini plush Mario sitting on top of my jewelry box (he’s guarding my various baubles from the likes of goombas, bob-ombs, boos, cheep-cheeps, and koopa troopas, just to name a few). I’d have loads more if a) I owned the apartment I lived in and b) I would drive my significant other crazy. But the truth is that geeky decor is awesome. It is a way to show what it is you love and bring it into your daily life. And these Donkey Kong shelves, made by Igor Chak, are really the ultimate in geek chic decor.

The shelves are made from anodized aluminum pixels joined with stainless steel rods and durable glass tops, while the wall behind it is made out of carbon fiber. The set up really does remind me of the game. Igor was even able to make the shelving units look “crooked” without actually making them slanted (and thereby have everything slide right off)!

All it is missing is a small Donkey Kong on the top corner and a Mario on the bottom corner!

Doesn’t this make you want to play a rousing game of Donkey Kong? Or numerous games of Donkey Kong? Who needs sleep, work, or food anyway? I have to go now and find Donkey Kong to add to my Nintendo emulator on my computer. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, you will know why!

(Via: Gizmodiva)

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