Super Nintendo Turned Ultimate Retro Gaming Machine

What would a be-all-end-all retro gaming machine fitted into an actual SNES look like? The answer, my friends, is right here after the link.

Project Retro SNES outside Image

The Super Nintendo is one fine piece of gaming machinery. Just from a gaming-catalog perspective, I’m not sure you could find a more robust library of titles among its console class; some honest-to-bob game-of-the-forever type stuff. Although, what if I where tell you that thanks to a brilliant modder that specific attribute has been greatly expanded. And then some.

Like, say, including every possible retro console from the SNES-era, such as its 16-bit system-wars rival, the Sega Genesis, and even the ill-fated, yet supremely underrated, TurboGrafx-16, under one greatly modified roof. That’s exactly what Project Retro on Imgur has done to this ordinary SNES. With amazing skill, they’ve replaced the insides of the console and replaced it with PC hardware running an emulation software.

Project Retro SNES insides Image

Never has playing Sonic the Hedgehog – a timeless 2D classic – on a Super Nintendo ever looked so flippin’ cool… or as weird. Seriously, Twilight Zone, Rod Serling appearing from the foreground, kind of weird. That aside, the presentation for this mega-emulation rig is top notch; there’s a built-in HDMI port on the back to ensure ease of connection (with some minor filtering to keep every game looking as they did back in the day).

As for the emulation software itself? Well, Project Retro went so far as installing an elegant carousel-esque U.I. that depicts the specific retro console, game box art belonging to its respective said console, and an ample summary of each title. How classy, indeed. Go forth and check out the rest of the images to this creation, which details every step that was taken along the way to make.

Project Retro SNES Sega Image

Project Retro SNES Dracula X Image

What I wouldn’t give to have one of these bad mama-jamas in my geeky grips. It’s really cool, much like the buffet of nerd-tacular postings on Walyou. I suggest if you’re the literary sort to see what 10 popular science books every geek should have in their possession. And if that doesn’t speak to you (Reading Rainbow am cry), then how about a floating movie theater in Thailand. No, not joshing you, brah. It’s the real thing!