Dr. Grordbort’s Saboteur 66 Is a Menacing Toy Gun

Almost every science-fiction movie or game features the use of Rayguns. Rayguns are fictitious directed-energy weapons that make use of laser beams to kill or maim the enemy.

Dr. Grordbort’s “Infalliable Aether Oscillators” have been receiving attention for quite some time now, and they do look pretty good. Most of these Rayguns are based on Pseudo-scientific concepts, and socio-cultural themes.

For instance, the website of Dr. Grordbort’s suggests that these guns would look good in the hands of kids who do not have jobs. The idea perhaps is to highlight the effect of unemployment and scarcity of jobs, and increasing violence in the society, and also an increase in the sales of violent video games.

This symbiotic relationship between social issues, rising crime and violence in the society and the popularity of gruesome weapons made popular in video games highlights the moral degradation that societies across the world have been facing. Though this is too much to say, one could always go ahead and purchase a Saboteur 66, which is also known as an Ultra-Wave Equalizer. I wonder which pseudo-scientific concept this theme belongs to.

The gun is made from imitation bakelite, tremontium and metal. In other words, it is a harmless plastic gun that could be used to scare a toddler if he is throwing tantrums, or to please a geeky adult who is lost in a world of video games and sci-fi movies and gadgets. Dr. Grordbort’s Saboteur 66 costs $89.99 and it could be pre-ordered right away. It sure is one hell of a menacing looking Raygun!

You could take a look at other Dr. Grordbort Rayguns like the Der Adler and the Victory Raygun. If you would rather check out something else, the Lego Raygun is pretty cool too! I don’t wish to encourage a gun culture, but the video gaming culture is dominated by all kinds of weaponry, and when you have toys that are inspired by violent video games, one just can’t help it!