Very Cool Lego Raygun Design

If you are or plan one day to be the parent of a male child, at some point you’re going to have to face a very important decision about that child. Well, you’ll probably have to face many important decisions about that child, but the one we’re concerned with today is whether or not you’re going to buy that kid a toy gun.

Back in the day, parents had no qualms about arming their little boys with toy guns, no matter how realistic or frightening they may have been. No one batted an eye at a tyke walking down the street with a replica .45 or rifle. But in the last few years, most parents have shied away from buying such toys for their kids, whether for safety reasons or just on moral grounds.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped boys from playing guns; it’s just made them more creative. Deprived of actual toy guns, they use whatever is handy, be it blocks, Lego, or even a stick they find in their backyards, and make their own weapons. You can take toy guns away from them, but you can’t take away the desire. It is in this spirit that toy designer and nursery school teacher Dave Kaleta built his Tesla Handheld Directed Energy Projector. It’s a wicked cool old-school ray gun with enough bells and whistles to make any red-blooded boy salivate- if only they could get their hands on it.

Not only does it look like something out of an incredibly cool 50s sci-fi flick, it also lights up and has a real, working control panel on the top. All these details and the obvious love and workmanship put into its construction make it a one of a kind toy gun. It’s almost tragic that no one under the age of twenty will ever get to play with it.

For some more homemade little weapons, check out this list of some of the coolest miniature ones. Or if you want a ray gun that actually works, check this coilgun model out. But please be careful!