Dr Seuss – Star Wars Book Covers Mashup

When your big loves in pop culture are Dr. Seuss and Star Wars, it seems natural that you’ll somehow try and combine the two. Luckily for Jason Peltz, he’s actually quite a talented artist, which makes it even better for the rest of us.

How? Peltz, a former Disney animator and character artist takes Star Wars characters like Yoda, Chewbacca and the droids they were looking for in alternative covers for Dr. Seuss books, if they actually were about the George Lucas characters.

Peltz talked to mymodermet.com about his project: I had been seeing a lot of artwork all over the Internet featuring crossovers or mash-ups of well-know properties. These two were very much a part of my childhood, even my adulthood – being an animator and illustrator, it seemed like a perfect marriage! The biggest challenge is referencing a well-known cover that will work with the rhyming and character art.

So far, there have only been three entries to his series, ongoing and awaiting continuation on Steal This Art, with the next piece going up on October 4th, while the fifth piece is almost complete.