Adventure Time Famicom Carts From simplyAWFUL

What time is it?! Time for some dazzling fan-made Adventure Time Famicom carts!

Adventure Time Famicom carts by Nightmare Bruce image 1

SimplyAWFUL, huh? I don’t quite see it, because for my eyes, these imaginary cart labels for the Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time, are far from that description. Nope, they’re pretty amazing and out-of-sight, just like the cartoon they’re inspired on.

Oh, but I’m pretty sure graphic designer Nightmare Bruce’s (not real name, in case you’re wondering) title choice for their Blogger site is purely ironic. I’m told that’s how the “cool kids” roll these days. They also, like their geeky peers, have a deep passion for videogames – err, I mean, vidjahgams – past and present.

Adventure Time Famicom carts by Nightmare Bruce image 2

Take for example, the crop of beautiful, artfully made-up cartridges for the Nintendo Famicom – the Japanese name for the NES which had stouter-looking carts that came in a variety of colors – which you can see at simplyAWFUL and across the web if you search wisely. Really, go looking for them, they’re something else.

Adventure Time Famicom carts by Nightmare Bruce image 3

Adventure Time Famicom carts by Nightmare Bruce image 4

Based on cast from Pennington Ward’s animated ace of a show, these carts are vastly no different. Just look at them! Look at them! They’re unbelievably cute and the only thing which is dog buns is that they’re not actually playable. Oh, what I would pay for a game like Get Me Out Of This Cave or Mystery of the Drama Bomb.

Just picture Fry from Futurama in his internet meme-famed “Take My Money” pose and you would have my current reaction to such a brilliant stipulation. Sadly, it’s not meant to be, but hey, there’s still the Adventure Time 3DS game to look forward to in November! That’s right, so turn that frown upside down!

As for these mini-creations, you can see the rest of them – and there were many that I just couldn’t fit here – at simplyAWFUL, and for more unique geeky creations of all sorts, look no further than Walyou, where we’ve got Star Trek cookie cutters that will have you baking cookies where no human has baked cookies before and the 27 geekiest credit card designs ever.