Fantastic Dragon Slayer Armor & Other Incredible Pieces

We’ll confess it: as excited as we are about the new Game of Thrones seasons and the Hobbit movie, above all we’re afraid of dragons. But an armor like this would surely help the way we feel.

We’d call this the most incredible piece of cosplay we’ve seen in a while, but there’s none of the “play” aspect here. This is just badass. The Dragon Slayer’s  armor is the work of Nathan Rodriguez of Epic Leather, the most fitting name ever. The outfit itself is made out of 13 separate pieces including a mask, gauntlets, shoulder pads, and so on.

If you’re afraid of dragons, we have good news for you. The whole set goes for sale at Etsy for $3999.99 (USD). This might not be cheap, but fighting dragons isn’t a profession  for everyone, anyways. Besides, the armor pays itself with the first loot.

The rest of the pieces here are also the creation of Nathan, and boy is he talented. Lots of videogames and anime characters, sounds exactly like the type of guy we’d like to hang with. Hey, Nate, how about we buy you a beer, pal? You rock.

Via: Garotas Nerds