Droid Feelings: These Are The Emotions We’re Looking For

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, one artist has created some prints featuring some droids from the “Star Wars” movies experiencing human emotions.

The prints are done by one Chris Gerringer, who goes by the name Paperbeatsscissors. The prints feature stylized pictures of the droids and some clever and heartfelt text to go along with them. For example, the probe droid says “Sometimes I feel like I’m searching for something.” The battle droid says “Sometimes I feel like I’m the same as everyone else.”

Probe Droid print

Battle Droid print

The most famous droids of the “Star Wars” universe are represented. C-3P0, the urbane protocol droid laments that “Sometimes I feel like no one takes me seriously.”

C3PO Print

Although R2-D2 is famous for communicating only in a series of beeps and whistles, with the occasional hologram of Princess Leia to keep things interesting, here he says “Sometimes I feel like the only one who cares.” You can buy these and more on Paperbeatsscissors’ Society6 page for about $15 each. I have no idea what George Lucas thinks of these angsty reimaginings of his droids, but they have to be much better than his angsty humans (cough,cough, Anakin, cough, cough).

R2-D2 Print

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