CES 2012: Mystery USB Charger by Griffin Technology

The last thing that one might want is their smartphone to run out of charge, when they are out having fun.

Unfortunately, most of us encounter this annoying situation no matter how careful we are about charging our cellphones before going out. The latest spare chargeable battery that you could carry with yourself is the one announced by Griffin Technology. They announced the sleek brick-like gadget at the CES 2012 but there isn’t much information about it yet.

The 2000mAh battery can be plugged into a wall and once you charge it for an hour, you can charge your phone anytime you want. Of course, you would need to carry the battery along with you when you step out of the house. The battery is expected to cost between $50 and $60 and hopefully it should be available this spring.

If you took a look at Griffin Technology’s website, you can find several interesting products like cases, carriers, toys and accessories for your iOS devices. Of course, before Android fans get all jealous, Griffin’s store also stores several cool accessories for Kindle, Android smartphones and tablets. If you were wondering if the company has anything to offer for the Crackberry addicts, they do have several accessories for them as well.

Griffin technology seems to be one of the coolest accessory-sellers online I guess, if one looked at all those stylish gear they have displayed at their online store. If you are not interested in USB chargers, you could take a look at the Electree, which is a bonsai-shaped solar charger for your portable device. Do take a look at the 7 In-Home gadgets that can increase your efficiency.