Droid X to (Finally) Get Gingerbread?

Motorola’s Droid X is a powerful device, though some would argue that a software update is in need for the devoted Android fans. Wihle version 2.3 (dubber Gingerbread)  has been hoped for in the last few month, owners will, hopefully, be seeing an update of some sort in the coming weeks.

With the release of Froyo (version 2.2), Android users were in love with the new Adobe Flash support as well as the speed increase (up to 2.5x faster), but the exciting release seems to have been ages ago! Although many may think that the phones have been forgot about with the release of Honeycomb, Android’s OS for many Tablets, a new image from Motorola’s Owners User Groups shows potential for an OS update in the coming weeks.

While the invitation to the beta testing does not officially say anything about the update being Gingerbread, users can certainly hope for the best. If Gingerbread is rolled out onto the Droid X, I would certainly be happy to update my OS and use it, as I’m always looking for new features to use. With this update, users will, hopefully, be able to take advantage of the newly released Netflix app, having the ability to stream their videos, something that some users have been having issues with when using Froyo. More than anything, I’m excited for the new user interface which is packaged with Gingerbread. Let’s all hope that this beta test is really for the release of Gingerbread on the Droid X, and hopefully the coming weeks will unveil this new OS for our phones.

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Via: Android Central